Adjusting Expectations

Traveling to Cuba requires a traveler adjusts all their expectations throughout the trip. The Cuban people are incredibly warm, generous and excited to welcome visitors from abroad with open hearts. However, some of the facilities and infrastructure are not to the same standard that most travelers are accustomed to in the US and other destinations. Traveling with an open mind will help each traveler enjoy their trip and to have a better understanding of the effects of decades of isolation as a result of political and economic policies of the US and Cuban Governments.


Required Travel Documents

A Cuban visa is required for entry to Cuba. Click here if you would like to obtain a visa for Cuba. 

Travel to Cuba is limited to 12 categories for US Citizens and permanent residents. Many of our clients travel to Cuba under the “people to people” OFAC (US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Controls) general license, which requires a full time schedule of meaningful interactions in Cuba and that you be accompanied by a representative of the organization sponsoring the trip. Some travelers prefer to organize their own schedule of meaningful interactions and choose the "support for the Cuban people" category. For more information on the legal categories of travel to Cuba, visit the US Federal Register.


Travel Insurance

Supplemental travel insurance is recommended for all of our participants. Please visit the website below for a quote from our preferred insurance provider. Our agency code is F2016110

Money in Cuba


US credit cards and ATM cards WILL NOT WORK anywhere in Cuba. You should bring cash in US Dollars for all expenses. Cuba is more expensive than many travelers anticipate, so we recommend bringing more cash than you think you may need. Remember, once you arrive in Cuba, there is no way to make a withdrawal from a US bank account. The CUC, or Convertible Peso is the currency for foreigners in Cuba. The exchange rate is $.0.87 CUC/Dollar. Upon exchanging $100 USD you will receive $87 CUCs.You can exchange money at most hotels and many other locations. Currencies such as Euros or Canadian Dollars can be exchanged for CUCs as well, but we  recommend bringing US Dollars to exchange in Cuba.